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Naila Hazell’s story

Naila was born in 1981 and grew up in Baku, Azerbaijan. She was always a very naughty girl and getting into mischief, unless she was painting or drawing.

In 1998 the Azerbaijan State Academy of Art duly accepted the passionate young artist, who then spent 6 years gaining her Bachelors and Masters Degrees as the star student graduating with honours.

After more than 10 exhibitions and illustrating dozens of books in Azerbaijan and the US, and a personal tragedy that shock her to the core, Naila moved to London, to forge a new life, pursuing her artistic calling with fresh impressions and visual challenges.

Naila’s work is very personal, alive and intimate. The high standard of her training, her natural talent and craftsmanship gives her a great versatility and scope for invention and play in the different mediums she works in.

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